70th Birthday – Hog Roast Dawlish

We go from strength to strength each and every year here at Hog Roast Dawlish! Over thirty years in the business and we owe our success to our loyal customers who come back to us time and time again. One of those customers Philip had booked us for a party at the weekend as his lovely mother was turning 70 and like him she too loves a good hog roast Dawlish!

When we arrived we were met by happy faces wishing us all “Happy New Year!” and after our chat we set to work. Lamb and all the trimmings for this event and catering for 80 guests, first job was to place the two nice joints on the machine and as the meat cooked we set about making a huge bowl of mint sauce we make the best mint sauce using the finest ingredients a tangy tastes sauce perfect for our lamb. Spicy dicey potatoes were made next we cut potatoes into small cubes and then cover them in spices and put them into cook. Vegetable skewers were next a nice chunk of courgette, mushroom, tomatoes and onion placed on sticks then out onto roast. We made a huge fresh green salad and a nice crispy coleslaw was prepared.

Philip came in with his happy mum with tears streaming down her face so emotional and happy at what she could see. We shredded the lamb and it just fell apart the smell was incredible and we sat Philip and his mum at the head of the table and served them first then the rest of the guests were given the same first class treatment from hog roast Dawlish. We had guests leaving their seats coming over to personally thank us and we love nothing more than happy faces and we had plenty of these- we do love our job. Seeing satisfied customers makes our job so rewarding, and that feeling is what keeps us going time and time again. We are so looking forward to the year ahead meeting new customers who hopefully will stay with us for the future, as this now tends to be the case from past experience and we couldn’t be happier with that!