Birthday Hog Roast Weymouth

We often get asked if we cater for vegetarians with our hog roast Weymouth? And the answer is yes! We may boast that our meat is the best but we understand some coming to our events are vegetarian so we do cater for all and have a special vegetarian menu or if guests prefer they can design their own.

Last week we did just that when we catered for a birthday with a hog roast Weymouth but four of the guests were vegetarian so we created a nice little menu for them too. We cooked lamb and beef for the hundred plus guests and for the other four we made vegetable skewers, cheese and onion quiche some jacket potatoes with a lovely fresh vegetable and lemon filling and made heaps of salad for all. We even used our tiny machine to make the vegetarian food separate – we go to every effort to do things properly and it never goes unnoticed.

The lamb and beef went down really well with the guests and we were told that our hog roast Weymouth is the best they had ever tasted. The vegetarian guests told us that they were not expecting so much variety especially just for them and we said it was no trouble. One of them asked us if we could cater for them for the week after next for a birthday party he said he found it so hard to get top quality caterers like our selves to cater for small numbers as well as meat eating guests we said we often do both. The guests all enjoyed the hog roast Weymouth and we left lots of cards for the guests and many more came over to us enquiring about events they were looking at our website on their phones and said they would most definitely be leaving us a good review and we were pleased to hear that. As we headed back home we still had lots to do menus to make calls to arrange but we aren’t happy unless we are busy and here at The Spitting Pig we always are spring, summer, autumn and winter it just never stops and we truly wouldn’t have it any other way.