How many people will a pig feed?

Hog roast could well be the answer to your catering nightmares and could help you achieve a lot more catering wise than you ever thought possible for your budget. In fact, if you want some more reasons why you should ignore all the old solutions when it comes to feeding your guests then you may want to investigate just how much it costs to feed your party with the usual (and rather boring) options that we all became rather too familiar with over the years, such as chicken legs, pizzas and cold meats. Exciting? Hardly.

You may be very surprised and shocked at how much these traditional options can cost, especially when you are talking about feeding a hundred or so people. And don’t forget that this is food that does not require anything like the cooking or preparation that a hog roast requires. That 50 kilo pig suddenly starts to look like a bit of a bargain the more you investigate.

But why would you want such a big animal to feed a hundred people? Surely that a smaller pig will be enough? Well possibly, but have you ever been to an event where there was not quite enough food? I think we have all been to an event where, unless you were first in the queue for the good stuff, that you missed out and all that was left were the things that nobody really wanted. Salmon paste sandwiches don’t really do it for everyone do they?

Running out of food is not an option with a hog roast, and we think it is much better to have food left over that actually tastes good because you just know that people are going to be clamouring for seconds, such is the great taste of hog roast. Hog roast rolls are one of the most addictively tasty catering solutions known to man (at least in our unscientific research) and that means that people are going to very keen to get stuck into seconds or even thirds, so don’t let them down. Make sure that your catering is hog roast.

And yes, hog roast is an extremely reasonable and cost effective catering solution especially when you consider how many people you can feed from just the one pig. Of course, it is not the cheapest catering solution available and there are plenty of other options that could feed lots of people, but are they any tastier? We doubt it very much. You will be hard pushed to find any catering solution that feeds hundreds of people that offers the incredible quality of texture and flavour offered by a hog roast that has been slow roasted for around six hours. Without meaning to say anything mean about salmon paste sandwiches or cold pasta dishes, I don’t think there is any comparison. Superb quality hog roast is a hands down winner, and you will probably find that it is worth the little bit extra for the superb taste and the inevitable smiles that it will put on people’s faces.