Do you provide serving staff?

This all depends on the menus chosen and your individual requirements. Some of our menus will only require a chef whilst others include a chef, chef’s assistant, professional waiters & waitresses and even a front of house or toastmaster, if required. Our menus can be served as a buffet or to the table; these can be formal or informal events and can sometimes include the service of canapés or reception/toast drinks. We will always provide qualified, professional staff and will work with you to ensure we match the service you require.

Some people think of hog roast as a bit of a rough and ready option when it comes to catering and we suppose that it can be easy to understand why this way of thinking has come about to be honest. The origins of hog roast come from a time when a meal such as hog roast would not really have required much in the way of airs and graces or formalities of any sort. far from it, the hog roast of old was very much a free for all, and whilst there may have been servants around to cater for the needs of guests, that would have been pretty much it.

Moving forward in time to the present day, there are times when you will probably not require service staff with a hog roast catering event at all. In fact you may well have been to one such event yourself. Have you ever attended a hog roast event in a hotel, a pub or even at someone’s garden party? If so you will be aware that these sorts of events are very easy for the chef to cater for on their own. In fact is there a better sort of one person catering solution than someone serving hog roast rolls? We would be very surprised if there is. Just imagine how incredible it would be to hire one chef who can cook a whole pig absolutely brilliantly and serve it up as quite delicious tasting hog roast rolls with apple sauce and crackling? It may seem like heavenly food but it’s one of the friendliest and down to Earth catering options that there is anywhere!

Hog roast really has taken the catering world by storm in the last few years and it seems that hog roast is popping up anywhere that there is a need for really high quality food for a large number of guests. When hog roast is served on rolls then it can be reasonable easy to sort out, as mentioned, but when you have a formal event where a little bit of style and decorum are required, then extra staff may be used to help things flow a lot more professionally. This can be an essential when catering for an important event such as a wedding or a really formal corporate event where you really need to get everything right. And before you were worried that staff serving hog roast rolls may look a little inappropriate at a formal event, don’t panic, It would be more than likely to see delicious and beautifully presented gourmet hog roast served at such events.