Hog Roast Newnham

NewnhamHog roast Newnham want to help you create a perfect day for your friends and family with a different kind of catering suited to all occasions whether it be a simple family BBQ gathering or a more intimate function such as a wedding or that special surprise birthday party, all these kinds of celebration will be completed with one of our traditional hog roast suppers. Hog roast Newnham really can cut down hassle and costs with out lowering quality, we offer you superb food at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy giving you amazing grub that everyone can enjoy young or old.

We only use state of the art equipment that cooks your meats of choice to perfection if you haven’t tried hog roasting it’s about time you did! To those unfamiliar with this cooking method it’s a ancient art of slow cooking produce slowly and it really gives the meats a succulent and moist texture that you simply cannot achieve with other cooking methods, it’s been around for hundreds of years and has been used by many cultures and races through the ages, all these people can’t be wrong the only way to really make sure is by giving hog roasting a go for yourself, it’s an original and traditional yet modern way to provide your guests with food they won’t soon forget. We can cater for any size event large or small, with one pig on the spit feeding at least 100 people with ease with out all the extra hassle of providing waiters, tricky seating plans and troublesome menus, we do the hard work for you so you can enjoy your loved ones special occasion the way you should be able to in a relaxing and stress free atmosphere, this kind of catering is the way forward and gives a different air and ambiance not found with the common forms of standardised catering on offer by today’s catering firms.

img1-1Work functions can also benefit from a hog roast supper with Christmas parties being a speciality of ours, we can come to your event venue and set up one of our top of the range hog roast cookers and supply you with quality Christmas Turkey, seasoned the way you want it really does set the senses on fire and create a talking point for what can sometimes be a boring affair, let us give you something different without creating extra hassle for yourself. Chicken is also firmly on our menu, everyone loves roast chicken and it really does benefit from a slow cooking making sure that white meat is the most succulent and juicy you have ever tasted guaranteed, we season with thyme and lemon giving it a fresh and zesty taste or you can pick a different seasoning its entirely up to you, you make the choices and we will deliver top notch, quality food with the best service available to you. Hog roasting also helps up the taste factor of other meats and produce, imagine moist cuts of rump sliced straight off the bone and arriving on your plate still warm and juicy thanks to our versatile hog roast cookers, it’s the way to get the most out of what is classically simple food.

Hog roast hire Newnham can rent you the equipment if you want to try and give roasting a go for yourself, you can hire our apparatus and do it yourself without us all you need is a hog roaster some produce and some know how, we will provide you with the ways and means to do it yourself in style making that day a bit more memorable for you, your friends and family alike. Hog roast hire Newnham want to help you create the perfect day so feel free to ask us any questions on hosting your own hog roast supper, our staff are friendly, helpful and approachable and want to ensure the food you receive is of the highest quality, this is our mission and one we are more than confident of succeeding in, we really are that confident in our equipment and we promise that once you have tried hog roasting you will be wondering why you haven’t tried it before now. With all these obvious reasons plus the great food it will produce you surely must be tempted to give it a go, so forget boring sandwiches and pork pies and give our top class service a try on your next special occasion, you won’t regret it guaranteed.