How long does a hog roast take to cook?
This all depends on the size of the pig and the cooking method; cooking a pig that would serve 100 guests to a plate would take approx. 6 hours, this cooking time can reduce or increase depending on the time of year and location. Cooking during the summer normally allows a reduction in this time as the machine will lose less heat than in the winter.

How many people will a pig feed?
 A 50 kilo pig which is the average size pig that we cook will normally feed 100 guests onto a standard size plate or 160 5inch rolls or 200 4inch rolls.  We can supply bigger pigs or smaller pigs than our standard size.

Are there a minimum number of people that you cater for?
No there isn’t a minimum number of people that we cater for.  For lower numbers we’re able to provide a smaller machine and pig or the option to hire any of our machines with full instructions and support.

Can we provide our own pig?
Yes you can, however this doesn’t make a major difference to the overall price.  You could also hire one of our machines for the weekend, week or month – this can also be provided with a chef if needed.

Can you just cook the pig alongside other food?
Yes we will always work to any of your or the venues requirements.  If you or your venue wanted to provide additional foods to go alongside the pig this really isn’t a problem; we will provide for our service and work with you or the venues staff, to ensure the event is a success.

What if the weather is bad on the day of our event?
Our machines allow us to cook outdoors and indoors safely, In fact during the winter we are normally asked to cater indoors at many events.  All we require is a well ventilated area to cook in.  Another method we use is cooking outdoors and bringing the meat indoors once cooked, we normally provide our own gazebo to work under for this.

Some of my guests don’t eat pork. Is there an alternative?
Yes you can choose from Spit Roasted Spring Lamb, whole Spit Roasted Turkey, local Free Range Spit Roasted Chicken, Spit Roasted Sirloin of Roast Beef, and BBQ 100% Beef 6oz Handmade Burgers, Chefs Own Gourmet sausage, chicken Kebabs & Meaty Marinated Spare Ribs. We also cater for vegetarians and any dietary requirements.

What is the cost for a hog roast?
Our prices are very competitive for the service and quality of food that we offer.  Your quote will be individual to you and is based on number of guests, date of event and choice of menu and once we finalise all of your details you’ll find our cost to be competitive that will match your events requirements or budget.

Do you provide serving staff?
This all depends on the menus chosen and your individual requirements.  Some of our menus will only require a chef whilst others include a chef, chef’s assistant, professional waiters &waitresses and even a front of house or toastmaster, if required.  Our menus can be served as a buffet or to the table; these can be formal or informal events and can sometimes include the service of canapés or reception/toast drinks.  We will always provide qualified, professional staff and will work with you to ensure we match the service you require.

What areas/ locations do you cover?
We cover the whole of the South West of England but will work outside of this area when required.  The Spitting Pig Company is a nationwide company that covers the whole of the U.K.

Can I make changes to the sample menus?
Yes. Once you’ve received the initial menus we will work with you and your requirements to create the menu and catering package that you require.  Every menu becomes bespoke to you and if there is anything that isn’t on our menus that you require – just ask!

 Is cutlery and crockery included in the final quote?
This all depends on the menus chosen, some of our party menus come with quality disposables whilst some provide real crockery & cutlery.  But whatever the menu we will ensure we provide whatever you need, this includes all tableware, glassware, bar staff etc…

Are all the spitting pig staff fully trained?
Yes.  The Spitting Pig South West team has over 15 years experience as professional caterers, all of our staff have passed all the necessary and legal qualifications including health, safety and all hold food hygiene certificates they are also trained to a very high standard.  Our premises have been registered and approved by the local authority and achieved the highest standard of five stars.

How do I book you to cater for me?
Just let us know that you would like us to cater for you at your next event, we will then take a few booking details and a deposit to book, once received we will then work with you to organise your event.  We will then require final details and payment one month before your event.

What are your contact details?
You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01452 527888.