What areas/ locations do you cover?

Of course, Spitting Pig is a well respected company and we are a national organisation that covers more or less every part of the UK (within reason) and more locally this includes whole of the South West of England but will work outside of this area when required.

We like to think that we are making an impact in every single town, village and city that we provide catering for and we really do think that this is the case, not just here in the South West but in every area of the UK. It does make you wonder though how far hog roast reached when it was first introduced back in medieval times. Do you think it was just in the south of the country or was it being enjoyed right here in the South West?

Of course we are primarily concerned with hog roasting in the South West and that means the many towns and villages that make up this brilliant part of the UK. If you are thinking about having a big event such as a wedding, civil partnership party, Christening, Anniversary party of corporate function and have considered hog roast as a possible option then firstly, well done. You are certainly not going to be let down if a hog roast is what you choose. You will be joining a growing number of people in the South West who have enjoyed great tasting hog roast over the years and who continue to book it for a variety of great events.

Now you may be wondering if we can get to you for your event, especially if you are in one of the more remote villages in the South West, but don’t panic, it is almost certain that we will be able to make your event a very special (let alone very tasty) event indeed. The Spitting Pig network of hog roast caterers is spread far and wide and that means that we can cater for almost anyone anywhere. Of course you may also be thinking about the location where you are hoping to host your event, and that could well be down to how big an event you are planning. Weddings can be quite big affairs these days but it really does not matter to the hog roast chef, as we often cook a mean hog roast in wedding venues and serve it in a totally professional manner that would make some top restaurants jealous!

We have undertaken hog roasting in many different locations across the South West in the past. How about a hog roast in your local cricket club or at the local football stadium? We have cooked hog roast outdoors at school fairs and indoors in Scout huts. We have even cooked hog roast in a back garden and on a houseboat. When it comes to hog roast, we don’t think that you will be short of options at all, so don’t you worry about where we can get to and where we can cook you a pig; we will manage wherever and whenever!