Can we provide our own pig?

Providing your own pig is certainly something that you may want to consider as it may well be that you have really good access to a supplier of quality meat. We have heard from many people who have sourced their own pig and they have achieved excellent results from what they have told us. Some of these people have actually been farmers themselves so they have reared the pigs from birth and know better than anyone else that these animals are quality through and through, which is just what you want in a hog roasting pig. We think it must be great to be in the position of not only rearing and looking after the animal but being able to enjoy cooking it too.

Some people are very keen to experiment with different breeds of pig when it comes to hog roasting. Doing this will enable them to find the pig that roasts best, though in our experience, we feel that almost any good quality animal will deliver superb results on one of our machines. If you are in the lucky position of having access to different breeds then this is certainly something you should consider, especially if you have good contacts in the livestock industry.

Of course, most people looking to enjoy a hog roast by cooking it themselves are not in a position to supply their own pig, and let’s face it, it can be a bit of a task to not only source a suitable pig by to get it to your venue, too. Not many people will want to transport a whole pig in the back of their car! It is for this reason that you may well be best deciding to go with the option that we at Spitting Pig provide and that is by including a quality pig with the machine.

You may think that we somehow supply an inferior quality animal for your hog roast machine but we can assure you that this is most certainly not the case. We are very keen for you to experience the very best possible taste from your hog roasting experience and it is for this reason that we make sure you get a truly wonderful quality pig for roasting. In fact all the pigs that we source meet this criteria. They have to be from a respected and reliable source and reared responsibly. Each pig is also as local as possible so that you are not only eating quality meat but supporting local producers too, something that we at Spitting Pig feel passionately about.

As stated earlier, to supply a pig for you to roast does not really make too much of a difference to the overall cost so do bear this in mind, because sourcing your own pig could prove to be far more costly. Spitting Pig can negotiate good deals on suppliers because we do this on a very regular basis but you may not be able to match this. In short, if you want to keep things simple, stick with our pig.