What is the cost for a hog roast?

Our prices are very competitive for the service and quality of food that we offer. Your quote will be individual to you and is based on number of guests, date of event and choice of menu and once we finalise all of your details you’ll find our cost to be competitive that will match your events requirements or budget.

If you think that all sounds a little bit evasive, then please don’t because hog roast is not the sort of catering solution where you can simply say ‘it will be that much’ because there are many factors involved in a hog roast that need to be taken into consideration before you can be given a truly accurate costing.

Something that you simply have to take into account when evaluating the cost of a hog roast is the meat itself, and that is the first item, that is not so simplistic to cost. The reason? Well, you only need to look at other catering solutions to understand why hog roast catering is in a whole different league. Other catering tends to be very easy to cost out well in advance because many simply do not involve cooking an actual, piece of whole meat. Slices of cold meats or even whole chickens are reasonably easy to cost out for an event but a pig is different. You need the caterer to carefully choose the pig so that it will be appropriate to the size of the party or event. It is hardly the simplistic approach that you can take to other events.

Choosing the whole pig is just one part of the process. You then need to consider just what other accompaniments are going to be served with the hog roast, or are you are going for the hog roast rolls (pig in a bun) option? And maybe you are looking at a gourmet hog roast meal for a formal event such as a wedding? If so then this can be a very involved process and will affect the price. And of course, if there needs to be alternative meats and vegetarian options available at your event then this too needs factoring in to the overall price.

Of course, choosing hog roast has probably been something that you have been considering for some time. Maybe you have chosen this option because you have experienced this fantastic food before? If so you will know that there really is nothing quite like a hog roast event, and that what you will be getting is something quite special, regardless of the cost.

Whilst we cannot offer you a general cost for hog roast to cover every eventuality and every occasion, what we can state quite categorically is that hog roast is probably one of the most delicious and high quality catering solutions that you can get, yet when compared to much lesser quality solutions, it can represent incredible value, so if delivering a really excellent meal for all your guests is a priority then hog roast really has to have your full consideration.