Some of my guests don’t eat pork. Is there an alternative?

Almost everybody loves the great taste of hog roast, in fact it is hard to think of a better catering solution that is able to keep so many people of all ages happy. It really is a bit of an all-rounder. However there will of course be some people who for matters of preference or because of cultural and religious reasons cannot eat hog roast. This is unavoidable and something that all Spitting Pig caterers are aware of. So, what options are there in place for the guest who has to decline roasted pig?

Well there are quite a few options actually. We feel it is important to send out the message that just because we are called hog roast caterers, it does not mean that this is all we can cook. Quite the contrary actually as many of our caterers regularly cook meals other than hog roast, as you will soon discover.

Hog roast caterers are a dedicated team of professionals and the thing that they desire more than anything else in this business is customer satisfaction. That means delivering superb results for customers and guests every single time. That means producing great tasting, delicious food no matter what the meal is. And of course, it really helps when the device you are using is as versatile and as helpful as the hog roast machine that each of them uses. Each hog roast machine really is a superb piece of equipment and certainly one of the most versatile pieces of catering cooking kit that you will ever come across. Not only do the machines look fantastic but they deliver superb results too, and that is something that applies to all the items that they are used to cook!

Some of the more modern hog roast machines are ideal for cooking for events where an alternative option is required as they have dual ovens. Whilst these are often used for cooking potatoes or vegetables they can also be used for cooking an alternative meat such as a joint of beef, or a roast chicken. In fact the options most often made available to guests are really quite extensive, including Spit Roasted Spring Lamb, whole Spit Roasted Turkey, local Free Range Spit Roasted Chicken, Spit Roasted Sirloin of Roast Beef, and BBQ 100% Beef 6oz Handmade Burgers, Chefs Own Gourmet sausage, chicken Kebabs & Meaty Marinated Spare Ribs.

Of course there will be occasions where none of these options will suffice. That will probably be because the guests in question are vegetarian. Now for some caterers this would be a big problem, or they would simply wheel out some very uninspiring option that shows a lack of empathy, but not us. We make sure that everyone’s desires are met and we will ensure that the vegetarian options we serve are superb.

In short, you really do not need to worry at all about those guests who cannot eat hog roast. Our professional teams will ensure that absolutely all their needs are taken care of.