Are there a minimum number of people that you cater for?

Of course, there will be a point numbers wise where it is probably not worth going down the hog roast route because pigs can only be so small but for any larger party or event then we don’t think there is anything better than a hog roast to keep people happy and well fed.

It doesn’t have to a huge party of course. We are talking about parties of 50 or more people where you can start to justify bringing in a hog roast caterer. A smaller pig would indeed be more than adequate for a party of that size and probably still provide enough meat for extras, and people will want extras, believe us!

You may fancy the idea of hiring one of our machines and giving the hog roasting a go yourself, and why not is what we’d say. Hog roasting is fantastic when provided for you by a caterer and yes it is something that you can enjoy in a relaxed fashion when somebody cooks it for you, but if you are having a smaller event and can spare the time to sort out the cooking of your pig then there really is no reason why you should not do it. It could be the perfect excuse to cook for your colleagues and clients and may give the evening a nice feel. After all, you are doing the cooking and can give the food the extra personal touch.

If you do choose to hire a machine then you really might be interested in the special deals that we have available. Whilst we are of course happy to hire you a machine (and we’ll even supply the gas and pig too), we believe that once you have sampled what it’s like to be a hog roast caterer for the day, you may like to do it again and again….so we make the chance to buy your machine really appealing. If this is something that you want to do after hiring a machine, speak to us here at Spitting Pig and we’ll give you all the information that you need to know about investing in your own hog roast machine.

Of course, you certainly do not have to hire or indeed buy your own hog roast machine to provide quality hog roast to your party. A hog roast caterer can make your party just perfect in every respect. All you need to decide is how you want your hog roast served, which is why we have a choice of menus available allowing you to get just the catering you want. Whether you want your hog roast nice and relaxed as ‘pig on a bun’ or formal as gourmet hog roast, you certainly won’t be disappointed. In fact we’ll be very surprised if your first hog roast party does not turn out to be the first of many. Whether it’s a family event, christening, birthday or corporate event, it does not matter if there are 50 people or 500; hog roast is the king of catering.