What if the weather is bad on the day of our event?

Being flexible with regards to cooking is extremely useful, especially when you bear in mind that we are talking about the British weather! If one thing seems to be consistent about our weather here in the British Isles, it is that it is inconsistent! In fact summer in the UK can be one of the biggest guessing games that there is. I think we have all been to a sports day or summer fair where glorious sunshine has been replaced by a gale, hailstones and thunder in a matter of moments. With this in mind, being prepared for what the British weather can throw at you is something you should think carefully about.

It is one of the reasons why hog roast machines have saved many a hog roast in Gloucester. It is almost as if factoring in the changeability of the British weather was a key part of the hog roast design process! Maybe it was, after all these machines are expertly designed and engineered right here in the UK, so it could well have been a subconscious part of the production process after all.

The hog roast machines are – apart from being brilliant pieces of kit – superb for cooking indoors and outdoors. One of the reasons that makes them so versatile in this respect is that they are surprisingly transportable and mobile. You may look at a hog roast machine complete with whole pig cooking away on it and think that this is something that is not going anywhere…but you’d be wrong. The design of each machine is excellent and you will find that it can be moved about without any bother at all. And this could prove to be very useful when you take the weather into account.

Let’s take a typical scenario. A hog roast lunch has been lined up for a five a side football festival on some playing fields. It’s a glorious day and everyone is looking forward to the hog roast rolls before the quarter finals get started. Then disaster strikes, a big black cloud descends and the rain starts to fall. This is not a problem for hog roast caterers. The unit is simply wheeled across the field and into the clubhouse and the serving can continue. Being gas powered, the hog roast machine does not electricity unless the spit facility is being used. Perfect for these events and many other like them, such as summer fairs and music festivals where you just never know what is going to happen weather wise.

So there really is no need to worry about what the weather may choose to throw your way on the day of your event. If it turns into a rubbish day, it does not matter, simply take it indoors, or if it turns out nice, you’ll be fine! Hog roast really is one of the ultimate solutions when it comes to weatherproof catering do bear this in mind next time you think about catering for your event and put your faith in the power of the pig!