Hog Roast Badminton

FullSizeRenderSome sports are synonymous with locations. There’s a pretty famous game with an oval shaped ball that took its name from the town where it was invented, we all know about that one, but there is another.

The game of Badminton takes its name from Badminton House, a quite impressive residence in Gloucestershire. Surprisingly, the game has been played since the mid eighteenth century! And of course Badminton also gives its name to the Badminton horse trials, the annual test of horse and rider which takes place in the house grounds.

A real sporting name then, and maybe all this sport can create a hunger for yet another Badminton themed sport? Hog roast Badminton, anyone?

Hog roast Badminton may not be appearing at the next Olympics but it would certainly represent a true test when it comes to great catering. After all, preparing a hog roast is something of a fine art, with six long slow hours of cooking needed to create succulent and delicious tasting pork. Thanks to this slow roasting, the incredible flavours you will get are truly unique.

The Best Hog Roasts In Badminton

Hog Roast BadmintonA hog roast Badminton can also produce some perfect crackling, which for many people is the best thing about hog roast. Hog roasting, like the horses and riders at the trials, is a lesson in versatility and hog roast chefs know all about this. Hog roast can liven up the normality of a traditional party or marquee event with real, freshly cooked food that certainly blows any pre-prepared meals out of the water. Hog roast rolls are the perfect informal party food if ever there was one. But hog roast can serve the dinner jacket and black dress brigade equally well. Hog roast carves like the finest joints of meat, making for a totally professional looking meal.

Hog roast in Badminton is all about quality, which is why the hog roast chef will only ever use top quality pigs from a reputable source. The ultimate in flavour is always a priority so the pig has to be a good one every time.

Something else that shows off the quality of hog roast is the actual cooking process. If you have never seen a hog roast chef in action then you are going to be mightily impressed. The hog roast machine is a splendid looking device and it is this piece of equipment that helps cook the whole pig for all your guests to see. It’s a wonderful sight and the guests always love it.

Despite the current climate, people still need to celebrate, and this is yet another area where hog roast really does stand out from the crowd. Hog roast is incredible value for all party and event catering. Just one hog roast pig can serve around one hundred diners!

Just like Badminton, hog roast really is multi-talented. If you want to add a touch of food magic to your event without breaking the bank then you really do have to consider hog roast as your number one catering option.