Hog Roast Chalford

Hog Roast ChalfordWelcome to hog roast Chalford the home of the perfect hogroast. Chalford got its name from a meeting of two roads where there was a ford and the saxon word for chalk. They built a famous toll house that still stands today the Chalford Round house. It is a very old town and expanded rapidly with the opening of the Severn Canal.

Chalford has recently become home to one of Englands resident artists, Damien Hirst. Damien is one of those artists that certainly divides opinion from person to person. In fact you could say he is the Marmite of the art world perhaps: you either love his work or hate it. Fortunately for him, the people that do like it are not short of a penny or two and Damien Hirst works of art sell for substantial sums of money which is of course an artists dream come true to know people will pay for your work there must be some sort of achievement from it. Maybe Mr Hirst invested some of the money he has earned in the village of Chalford as he is believed to be busy restoring a house in this corner of Gloucestershire. Of course Damien is famous for animals painted in to his work but I wonder if he has ever utilised a whole pig? I ask because something else that is being restored here and across the UK is the popularity of hog roast. Could a hog roast Chalford masterpiece be the next big exhibit I certainly hope so?

Okay, it’s doubtful, but hog roast Chalford style events could become a regular fixture in this village of six thousand plus people as the request for them has been growing and growing over the last 10 years and is more popular than ever which is great for us hog roasting chef out there. Hog roast would certainly be more in keeping with the town’s Alpine like surroundings and definitely a step up from the usual catering at events. A hog roast Chalford event is an exercise in how to cook pork to perfection. The attention to detail from the hog roast chef allows Chalford’s finest to enjoy one of the best meals of their lives: succulent, mouth watering roast meat that could have been prepared by a top chef.

The Best Hog Roasts In Chalford

Hog Roast ChalfordHog roast Chalford catering may sound rather basic but in truth it is anything but. The only thing that is remotely basic about hog roast is the list of ingredients the chef needs to produce a stunning meal. A quality pig from a reputable source and the superb looking hog roast machine (together with a bit of patience) is all that the chef requires we like to rub salt along our pigs because this way they always produce some good crackling but they also give the pork some great flavour as it soaks in to the meat whist it is rotating on the machine the salt soaks into the meat to really make it full of flavour.

This is freshly prepared food that we serve at events it is not just frozen and stuck in a microwave and re-heated it is cooked over flames rotating in its own juices our meat when we get it from the local farmers is at its very best and, just as you see the TV chefs doing their thing on TV, your guests will have a front row seat as your hog roast chef will be preparing the ultimate hog roast before your very eyes. Hog roast cooking is a special event in itself and could be more than enough to keep your guests entertained as they wait to be fed! Of course, the one worry that may be lingering at the back of your mind is ‘will my guests like the flavour of hog roast?’ It’s something that you really should not worry about.

Hog roast sounds a bit rustic and old fashioned (it is a medieval dish, after all) but in reality, it is simply the ultimate in pork, and pork is a pretty popular meat wherever you go. Don’t forget that hog roasts are increasing in popularity even the children seem to love the taste and the applesauce and stuffing that we provide with our traditional menu that everyone just seems to love, so if people did not like the taste, there would not such a surge in interest in it. Children like hog roasts just as much as the adults it is a proven fact, so it is safe to assume that your guests will be more than happy with what could be their very first experience of hog roast!

The only worry you may have should be what if I have a vegetarian that turns up on the day? Well you have no need to worry because we have many, many options for them to choose from nobody will be left disappointed all you will need to do is enjoy you event whilst your guests do the same.