Hog roast Gloucester

Gloucester_DocksThe city of Gloucester dates right back to the roman times when it was an important administration centre. With its access to the River Severn it has continued to be an important city throughout modern history. The port at Gloucester is accessed via the Sharpness Canal which runs from Gloucester’s docks to the Severn Estuary, this lets bigger boats reach the dock area than would be possible through the river itself.

The buildings around the docks fell into disrepair until they where renovated in the 1980s. They are now a great leisure attraction and down here you will find the National Waterways Museum, others now house residential apartments, shops and bars. Hog roast could have been designed for an area such as Gloucester. This and the surrounding areas were just made for great food to accompany the natural produce on offer here. It could well be that the area around the old docks is one of the best places to enjoy a hog roast in Gloucester over looking the relaxing waterways. With access to quality meat and a grand farming tradition the are has all the natural resources necessary to make hog roast Gloucester a real culinary treat. In every six hour cooking session, you are dining on a condensed version of true Gloucester history.

Experiencing a hog roast in Gloucester for the first time can be a real eye opener (and pig 11indeed a jaw dropper) for many people, in a good way of course. For many people, hog roast is one of those meals they have heard of and made assumptions in their heads about. ‘It is going to taste odd’ or ‘it is fatty and chewy’ or even ‘It is an acquired taste and certainly not a fine dining experience’ are very possibly typical thoughts that go through people’s minds in relation to hog roast, and it is strange that people should come to such conclusions about something that they have no idea about. Of course, the reality is very different.

Hog roast is a revelation for almost everyone who tastes it. It is one of those meals that, once you have tried it for the first time, you wonder why on Earth you have gone through your life without ever having sampled hog roast before. I am often asked by friends to describe the flavour or taste of hog roast to them and I do find it quite difficult because it is uniquely wonderful. I try to tell them that it is like all the very best aspects of a roast meal times one hundred. That the meat is succulent and heavenly textured and that the crackling is like nothing they will taste anywhere else. I think when I tell them all that, I sell it to them quite well, though nowhere as well as being a guest at a function for a hog roast in Gloucester. To be there when the incredible and rather dreamy aromas of the hog roast are drifting throughout the room is quite something else. It is okay describing hog roast to someone but being there and seeing the whole pig being roasted is another. Only then do you get a sense of just how brilliant a feast it is going to be. You can look at a hog roast and just know that what you are about to eat is going to be brilliant.

The Best Hog Roasts In Gloucester

Hog roast Gloucester home of Spitting Pig is the best caterer in the industry, there’s no two ways about it. We’re hog roasters without any legitimate competition to our class. The hog roasts that we make are notorious within the catering industry and just as well remarked on in the hog roasting circuit. Those that know about good catering know we’re at the top, and those who know good hog roasting know that we’re the best hog roasters. There’s a universal appreciation for Spitting Pig, for good reason. Spitting Pig chefs are of an elite breed, they’re the best of the best of the, well, you can finish the rest. Our hog roast Gloucester chefs have multiple talents as they’re trained in a variety of specialist cooking methods, and have their own experiences prior to Spitting Pig that has helped them develop into some of the best hog roast Gloucester catering chefs in the country.

Hog Roast GloucesterWe give our hog roast Gloucester chefs access to a constant stream of newly designed, up-to-date hog roast machines with the latest gadgets. The machines are manufactured to a high level and health and safety assured, so you needn’t worry about the pig burning, or the venue for that matter! With these machines is an obtained-freedom for us, we can do things hog roasters shouldn’t be able to do, we can make the best canapes, the best desserts, we can oven cook, we can grill, we can boil, we can do all the things that chefs would do in a stationary, permanent kitchen, with one of our mobile hog roast machines.

The hog roasts can take, sometimes, up to 8 hours. They take a very long time to get cooked as is the case when cooking any whole animal, but with our spit roasting and tray roasting methods for cooking whole animals they come out a lot tastier than if you were to cook them at home in your standard oven. The spit roast way especially is great, with spit roasting the pig keeps turning constantly, this serves a specific purpose, it means that the meat locks in all the juices and flavours, meaning that a hog roast by Spitting Pig is never dry or too tough to eat. Tenderness is the order of the day with the pig meat we cook, except for the crackling, the crackling is as crunchy as possible because we know that’s how you like your crackling!

Leaders In Our Field

You can book hog roast Gloucester for a pig roast roll, a snack sandwich, a sit-down and a buffet menu, and plenty of menus in between. The pigs in our menus are cooked from fresh and when finished they’re served with stuffing and apple sauce on crusty bread rolls, you’ll get handsome portions of meat and crackling in your roll, and as much sauce and extras as you desire.

We may be proud of the fact that we give our chefs access to some of the best equipment available, and we are rightly proud that this superbly equipment is not only top notch but designed and engineered right here in the UK, but there is a lot more to the success of the hog roast than meets the eye. Something that has nothing to do with great equipment at all, and that is the increasing interest that people have in real food.

Real food may sound a little arrogant and that is certainly not how the typical hog roastHog Roast Gloucester Gloucester caterer would want to come across but real food is what hog roast is all about and some would say that this is something that is long overdue at events throughout the UK. I think that we have all let a sigh of despair as we have walked into a hall or function room looking forward to being dazzled with an array of wonderful delights only to be greeted by what looks the cooked contents of a supermarket freezer department. Food? Yes. Cooked? Of course. But is it what you would call ‘real’ food? I am not sure it is. Real food is something that has passion, care and hard worked running through every single aspect of its preparation, and whilst I and many other people enjoy a pizza or a sausage roll every now and again, it is hardly gourmet cooking is it?

Hog roast has to represent one of the best examples of real food that there is and the fact that it is enjoying such popularity at the moment is extremely welcome. To see a meal that requires hours of work in every aspect of its preparation and cooking enjoy such a renaissance is fantastic news for everyone who likes the finer things in life. This is true cooking, where the need for speed and quick results are abandoned in favour of the quest for superb flavour.