Hog Roast Stonehouse

Hog Roast StonehouseStonehouse had a write up in William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book back in 1086, because the main house was literally built of stone and this was unusual back in the middle ages. However unlike the Stonehouse Manor some things just don’t last forever. Look at the plight of the public house in the UK. They seem to be suffering more than any other industry with pubs disappearing every day.

Once pubs were some of the most iconic and important buildings in a town or village but that seems to be a fast fading memory. Stonehouse, a district in Gloucestershire, is one prime example. Once upon at time there were over thirty pubs in Stonehouse. That number has fallen dramatically and there are now just two pubs! Luckily, sometimes things can make a bit of a comeback. Frank Sinatra did it a few times, Take That, even Dallas! So one day perhaps Stonehouse’s pubs will fight back, too. Just like hog roast Stonehouse is doing. Could we see a hog roast Stonehouse revival? Very possibly.

Our function catering hog roast Stonehouse had disappeared from the catering map long ago but we have now fully revived it. In fact it was never really on the map. Hog roast’s heyday was in the medieval days when a good banquet comprised of lots of hearty ale and one sizable hog roast! But now hog roast is really becoming a fixture of modern events and functions, with bland party food out and super tasty hog roasts in. But things are stirring and hog roast Stonehouse events are on the cards. Food, just like fashion, has gone full circle and people are turning to old classics for new taste experiences.

The Best Hog Roasts In Stonehouse

Hog Roast StonehouseHog roast is now becoming the new ‘must do’ event and catering food. The simple and traditional elements of hog roast seem to appeal to the current generation, and it’s easy to understand why.

Hog roast is back to basics brilliance in food. It ticks every top chef’s box when it comes to getting the simple things right. Right at the very beginning you need quality meat and this is why the Stonehouse hog roast chef always insists on a quality pig from a reputable source. As any chef will tell you, quality meat is key. For simplicity read ‘dedication’, because a great hog roast requires a great hog roast chef, prepared to spend six hours lovingly cooking your chosen pig. Why six hours? Because slow roasting brings out the incredible true hog roast flavours. Slow roasting any meat is always best and hog roast is the prime example. Hog roast meat is a taste sensation that will light up any event you choose to serve it at. Whether served as an informal hog roast rolls meal, or as a sit down gourmet pork dinner, hog roast will be the highlight of any event you will have been to that year.

Pubs may fade away but there is always the chance that they will one day enjoy a new surge in interest and be once again a popular sight on our streets. If hog roast can come back from the brink and entertain a whole new generation of function organisers with its medieval magic, who knows what might happen?