Hog Roast Worcester

Hog Roast WorcesterWhen people mention the city of Worcester to you, what springs to mind. For many people it will be Royal Worcester Porcelain that is often referred to on antique TV programmes. For others it will that old kitchen favourite, Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce. The musically inclined may choose to cite Worcester as the birthplace of the one and only Sir Edward Elgar. With ninety four thousand people in the city, there’s a good chance that each of them will have their own thoughts on what Worcester means to them. Maybe one day, the new found popularity of hog roast will mean Worcester becomes known for that, too! Hog roast Worcester, it could happen.

Hog roast Worcester may not sound as important as Royal Worcester Porcelain but certainly tastier. You see hog roast has come back from being the forgotten event food to being the new trendy kid in town. It seems that hog roast is fast becoming the catering solution of choice. So why are hog roast Worcester events becoming so popular once more? It is likely to be down to two main reasons; great meat and super slow roasting. A good quality pig is essential and the hog roast chef knows just what to do. They choose only the top pigs from reputable sources for Worcester events. And what about the roasting time? Six long hours seems excessive for an average pig, but if you want to stun your guests with simply unmatched flavours and incredibly succulent meat then this is the way to achieve it.

The Best Hog Roasts In Worcester

Hog Roast WorcesterWorcester is a fairly historic city in its own right with superb Tudor architecture and a long list of important historical events on its CV. Indeed, in Medieval times, hog roast probably made a name for itself in the city back then. Hog roast would have been a popular choice for the city’s wealthier dwellers and more regal visitors. Times have changed and hog roast is now an affordable option for anyone arranging a special event or function. Birthday parties, charity functions, business functions and anniversaries are all idea events to hire in a hog roast chef. A hog roast chef really does represent incredible value because one pig goes a long way. Your average Worcester pig may take a while to cook but it will feed up to one hundred and twenty people! That’s a lot of pork form a lot of people, meaning you can add a few more names to that invite list without having to worry about the extra cost!

All in all hog roast’s return to the dining table is a triumphant one. Why we should all have waited so long for this truly great dish to find popularity once more is astonishing. At last, we can banish some of the shameful excuses for event food and indulge once more in the supreme quality of real quality pork. If there was ever a need to sing ‘Land of hope and Glory’ then now is the time. I’m sure Sir Edward would approve.