Double Trouble For Hog Roast Bridport

Hog Roast Bridport had the pleasure of catering for dancing queens Debbie and Erin last Saturday as they celebrated two ‘big’ birthdays. A wonderful mother-daughter duo reaching birthday milestones on the same day. Clearly close, Debbie and Erin share everything including their birthday! Debbie, the bubbly mum turned 50 and Erin the delightful daughter turned 21. Debbie claimed that Erin was the best birthday present she could have ever wished for – how lovely!

To help the ‘double trouble’ duo as the friends and family claimed, Hog Roast Bridport served up a bespoke birthday menu.

The guests started to arrive from 4pm which was when Hog Roast Bridport started their first course, the entrees. A selection of tasty and flavourful canapés were handed out. Debbie and Erin had chosen the exquisite fish and chip canapé, the gourmet sweet and delicious honey and mustard sausages, heavenly halloumi and mouth-watering fillet of beef. The guests couldn’t get enough although, the fillet of beef seemed to be ultimate favourite with moist and tender fillet beef curled into a crisp yet fluffy Yorkshire pudding with a teaspoon of tantalising horseradish. A total party in the mouth.

hog roast BridportFrom half 6pm, the guests indulged in the main course. A classic whole spit-roasted pig alongside a colourful and fresh mixed salad and coleslaw. Debbie and Erin wanted the show of the whole-pig cooking as the guests partied. When a pig is spit-roasted, the meat perfectly carves and the crackling always turns out the best, particularly crunchy and therefore very satisfying to eat!

Once everyone had been served the main, the guests gathered to sing happy birthday to the duo. Each with their own three-tiered themed cake. Debbie being a vet had an animal themed cake and Erin who had just qualified and graduated as a lawyer had a legally blonde themed cake. Hog Roast Bridport kindly cut these up for the hosts as their dessert.

Since the team absolutely smashed the event, catering manager NAME and their team each received a £10 tip.