South West December 2010

What a busy weekend it’s been. We had four hog roasts on Saturday in different parts of the South West. I attended one of them and had a fantastic day. We had so many compliments on the crackling that I’m expecting a great testimonial. We even managed to get another job booked on the back of it. It’s a wedding in Cardiff and the bride to be has chosen to have two machines in the evening – one offering pork and the other lamb.

We have quite a few corporate events booked in over the next couple of weeks. I guess companies are starting to throw parties for their staff early this Christmas. I know we have a hog roast for 400 on Friday and a BBQ on Saturday for a very well known Supermarket. It’s surprising how many you can feed with one pig but for this one we’ll definitely need two machines and maybe a hot cupboard for extra joints. We always source our pigs from a local farm so I’d better get onto them this afternoon to order some extra.

We have a team meeting later on today. We have to go through menus for next year. I think the canapés and desserts are going to be updated so that will be exciting. Hopefully we’ll have to do a taste test first!! I’ve just had a look at my inbox and I’ve had an influx of enquiries so I’ll get onto these first and then make my way over to the meeting room. I’ve actually had some ideas of my own this year. We’ve had some suggestions from clients as too so it would be great to incorporate their ideas as well.

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