A Great Feast – Hog Roast Kingswood

Our customers often ask us to cook up a storm with a traditional hog roast, regularly made into our version of hog roast rolls that we call pigs in buns but also into plated lunches and dinners, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, potatoes and homemade trimmings of crackling, onion gravy, apple sauce and stuffing. Nevertheless, Hog Roast Kingswood is also known for providing plenty of choice and variety, as we fully understand the need for both, in order to satisfy all of our customers’ guests.

Hog Roast KingswoodWhile we make a mean hog roast, we also make a mean spit roast if you prefer, with lamb or beef, or whole turkeys or chickens. We can barbecue burgers that are 100% beef together with our chef’s homemade sausages or serve one of our standalone Hog Roast Kingswood menus instead, like our lovely Loaded Fries or our smashing Southern Slow Roast. We don’t only offer meaty mains, either, as with advance notice, we can cater for guests on special diets, like vegetarian, plant-based, vegan or gluten-free. Plus with all kinds of additional options of handmade canapés, starters, sides and puddings, we can help you to create the menu of your dreams, whether you fancy one stunning main and nothing else or several amazing dishes, whether hot or cold.

When we were asked to cater a corporate event recently, which we often are, our customer was surprised by the number of possibilities that we have available and even more so when we mentioned that she could mix and match items between our extensive menus in order to create her own. For this occasion, our customer decided on a hog roast main, made into piles of pigs in buns, as well as a veggie main of halloumi and vegetable skewers, plus several sides that everyone could eat.

On the day, our Hog Roast Kingswood chef freshly prepared and cooked the hog for hours on end, while our team worked on prepping the sides of spicy sweet potato wedges, mac and cheese, corn cobettes and coleslaw, as well as the ingredients for the skewers, and our trimmings of apple sauce and stuffing. Finally, by 4pm, we had a great feast ready to be devoured.