Delicious Hog Roast Softens England Defeat

With all eyes of the nation on Roy Hodgson’s England squad, the critical game was approaching which would decide whether or not England would go through to the semi-finals to play Germany, the only thing standing in their way was Cesare Prandelli’s Italian side, with hit or miss player, Mario Balotelli heading up the squad, England looked like they would really need to fight for the win, and finalise the semi-final spot.

As the game kicked off, the local pub which we had been hired to cater for feel to silence, with the very rare and occasional sounds of clanging glasses, all that could be heard was the sound of hog roast cooking away. With every second of the first half, the intensity of the game was sinking in to the minds of both the fans and the players. With the first half slowly coming to a close, we could see that this was going to be a long and feisty game, as both sides were trying to fight their way through the oppositions defence, but unable to secure a goal.

With all 120 minutes of football played, yet still no goals secured, the winner of the game would be decided through a penalty shootout. The tension was setting in more than ever, and we began cutting the hog, ensuring the tenderest pieces were used, and cooked correctly. With England taking the upper hand, with goals from Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney, expectations were looking good, until Italy equalised. With the pressure building, goalkeeper Joe Hart prepared for what could be the decider of the match, and unfortunately, the decision was made that Italy would be taking the semi-final slot to play Germany.

With fans devastated from the outcome, we started handing out the cuts of the hog, with a small queue beginning to form; we could see that the hog was beginning to work its magic. With the gloomy defeat lurking, the hog was slowly putting people minds at rest. With the arrival of the Olympic Torch within the South West towards the beginning of July, we have the honour of catering for some of the stops along the way, such as the War Memorial Park in Coventry.

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