Success for England Fuels Fans

During the anticipation of Tuesday night’s nail-biting game for England’s final group match against Ukraine, the dedication of fans throughout the nation was strong, knowing that the chances of a successful win was required to give England the driving force to continue through the tournament.

With tensions building before the first whistle was blown, with local bars filling up eagerly awaiting a game defying goal to push England to the top of their group. With Spitting Pig there to fill the constantly flowing crowds with their share, ensuring no fan go hungry, with two large Pigs roasted to perfection, ensuring that for fans, every bite tasting juicier than the last, making them consider hiring us to cater for their next big event.

Though the local bar may have sounded like an odd place to host an event, the British weather was on our side, therefore, allowing use to pitch up our gazebo within the bars beer garden area, allowing people to eat the great tasting, freshly cooked meat, in a relaxed environment, whilst still staying part of the atmosphere within the bar. From the comments we were receiving throughout the night, our hog roasts went down a treat, and from the look of our machines, the speed in which they emptied shows how well they went down with the fans.

With the atmosphere of the bar shortly after our hog roasts machines had been emptied, the crowd were ecstatic; England had gained the crucial goal needed to make their way further up to the tournament. With the fans hunger quenched from our succulent meats, and the result of the phenomenal game spurring England on into the quarter-finals, crowds were rejoicing for making to the top of the group stages, chanting for new manager Roy Hodgson, and for the exceptional performance for the first of the tournaments appearances of Wayne Rooney.

With a win fresh in hand, England look on to the future, already considering the result of their quarter-final match against Italy, with many fans asking for information of our services, which has prompted us to create a new special offer, especially for the Euro 2012 tournament, allowing your next themed event or party to really stand above the rest, by stealing the show with our sensational menu options. Why not take a look at our different special offers for your next event, making it a one of a kind event.

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