Hog Roast Cotswolds

At the weekend we were at the printers getting some of our fantastic Hog Roast Cotswolds leaflets printed with our new range we offer and the special deals we have for the Christmas period. We are always one step ahead and like to get organised and the new leaflets we thought a great idea. We appointed two of our very fit staff the job of delivering the leaflets so they arrived at the office wearing their training shoes and were keen to set off! We also decided to give the whole office and out yard a good clean and the vans and machines were getting a good over hall and gas check always a good idea to get them done well in advance before the winter sets in. Hog Roast Hire Cotswolds had our good friend the web designer in at the weekend too he was helping us construct new pages on our website to show case all of our work we had completed over the summer all the wonderful colour photos were getting uploaded onto the site. We were also staging interviews this weekend we were interviewing for new waiting staff, chef and another driver so we had a queue forming from out side the office very early on all keen to get in and apply for the jobs we wanted to get everything done in one weekend as we were going to be ever so busy in the weeks and months ahead so good preparation and organising now would really lighten the load. By the end of the weekend we were feeling really pleased with our selves all jobs done, new staff and a lovely group of people they are as well website looking amazing and getting scores of hits a day! The machines all back and serviced and lined up looking spick and span, the office sparkling clean and lots of orders in our order book courteous of our new leaflets and the hard work of our staff all ready for next weekend when we are non stop right into the New Year and we cannot wait! We really love hog roasting it is more than work it is now our lives…

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