Fresh On The Day

Mobile phones are everywhere and we really can’t live without them we rely on them so much now days and they are great especially when you are in business we all love our mobiles now even though to begin with we may have all been a little unsure nut now they are a way of life and talking of phones Hog Roast were on Saturday west in a lovely town for the opening of a huge mobile phone shop and to top that the shop was selling the latest mobile phone that had just came out that day and they were expecting lots to come so we knew we would be bringing plenty to eat! We arrived hours before had to get the pig cooking it takes a good six hours to cook so we have to be there early whilst the meat cooks we have plenty to get on with Hog Roast Hire peeled and chopped the vegetables for the vegetable kebabs and made the lovely sauces to accompany the meat just because we are cooking out door and for a shop doesn’t mean we will ever cut corners we still cook everything by hand and fresh on the day. The bus are also baked that morning and collected by us as we hit the road from our amazing baker who is a credit and we love his breads, before we knew it the meat was cooked and a huge line had formed the doors were opened and all rushed in and came out smiling with their latest state of the art phone! And they were ever so hungry as they tucked into the sandwich all the queuing and smelling the food cook had got to them all! We couldn’t help but take a look at this new state of the art phone and yes you guessed it we bought one! Truly is a great piece of kit and we are now quite technical we have came such a long way as we headed home we were all eager to have a turn of the new phone we were like kids in a sweet shop!

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