Is Your Wedding Venue Partnered With Hog Roast Bideford Catering?

Hog Roast BidefordPlanning the perfect wedding takes a lot of work. For many, it can be a lot of pressure to create a special day that lives up to the billing, and it takes months and months of planning. There are so many parts that go into creating your special day, such as picking your dress or suit, your venue, your catering, your theme, colouring, etc. The venue and the catering is probably one of the biggest aspects of the day, and so it will be one of the things that you are likely to deliberate over the most.

At Hog Roast Bideford we can help ease that decision somewhat. As a caterer for events we regularly partner with wedding venues to become the preferred caterer for that venue. What that means is when you book that venue they will offer you a good deal on our services wrapped into the booking, making your life easier and allowing us to come into a setting that we already know how to work. Picking a venue with a partner vendors like us is an excellent way to make your life easier when it comes to picking the right booking.

Hog Roast BidefordHog Roast Bideford partners with a lot of venues around Bideford , so when you are shopping around it is worth looking up or enquiring on your visit. If you like our foods, then then that venue might just be a slightly better prospect now! And if you’ve never had our foods before, well allow us to prove our own quality and reputation for your special day. Our specialist hog roast services are an immensely popular choice for weddings; our stylish and unique mode of dining lives up to the spectacle that a wedding demands, and creates a brilliant experience for all guests including the bride and groom.

If you know you want Hog Roast Bideford but haven’t picked a venue yet, then you can always enquire with our team as to what other venues we partner with. We can recommend an excellent selection of locations that we love to work with, giving you a dream dinner with a view!