Hog Roast Porthcurno Starts The New Year With A Job Fair!

Hog Roast PorthcurnoThe arrival of the New Year often sparks a desire for fresh starts, new beginnings, and significant life changes. And unsurprisingly, one of the most impactful changes people aspire to make is switching careers.

In 2024, more than a fifth of Brits have made it their resolution to find a new job, and to facilitate this change, job fairs have become a popular and exciting avenue for job hunters. At these events, businesses and organisations showcase their vacancies, providing a unique opportunity for applicants to connect on a personal level and get a feel for the companies they aspire to join.

Earlier this week, Hog Roast Porthcurno had the pleasure of contributing to a job fair event, adding a touch of excitement and flavour to the day. The event organiser, Jean, impressed by our reputation, specifically requested our assistance in serving our renowned BBQ Menu to keep spirits high throughout the day-long affair.

Our team, delighted to be part of such a meaningful function, meticulously set up our stall in a location that didn’t interrupt or detract from the main event. The task at hand was clear – to prepare a feast that would leave a lasting impression on both job seekers and business representatives, alike.

The menu we crafted featured handmade British beef burgers, gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs and spareribs, plus two additional options for non-meat eaters, which included veggie burgers and plant-based sausages. To complement the main dishes, we offered seasonal green leaf salad, our Chef’s own pasta salad, and freshly made chips.

Hog Roast PorthcurnoThe turnout for the job fair exceeded Jean’s expectations, with hundreds of eager job-seekers expressing their interest in various opportunities. As anticipated, the attendees, having engaged in numerous conversations and interviews with potential employers, had worked up quite an appetite. Our BBQ menu proved to be the perfect solution, offering a welcome break and a chance to refuel.

The compliments flowed as attendees praised the delicious food provided by Hog Roast Porthcurno, expressing gratitude for the unique and tasty addition to the day.

Hog Roast Porthcurno was honoured to be part of an event that aligned with the spirit of new beginnings, and we look forward to continuing to add flavour to meaningful gatherings in the future.