Kemble Parties

I’m a big fan of the local music scene – in fact I think some of the best music our country’s produced over the last twenty years has come out of our city. As you might have guessed, I’m big on my trip-hop (does that age me – just a bit?), so if you’re around town and you spot a Hog Roast Hire Kemble van blasting out a bit of Massive Attack or Portishead make sure to give me a wave. While my clubbing days are behind me – I like to concentrate on making sure other people’s party guests are well fed and happy nowadays – I keep up with what our local minstrels are up to. No-one who saw Roni Size at any of this summer’s festivals could deny that he’s still got the chops. Believe it or not, we are still pumping out genre defining dance music to this day, and if you want proof take a look at Joker and Gemmy and their Purple Wow Sound.
That’s my kind of partying, but I also know how to make other peoples parties go with a bang – by providing the tastiest roast hog in the county. And blow me down if we haven’t been making a lot of people happy over the last few days. Last weekend was one of our the most hectic we’ve had for months, with 4 parties in and around the city making in really deserve the title Hog Roast Bristol. A birthday, a wedding, an anniversary party and a club night for a local football team kept us on our feet all through the weekend, with Saturday in particular taking it out of us with a birthday lunch and then what felt more like a whole league’s worth of football teams complete with fans, let alone one and their friends and family. Hope those hot pork rolls set them up well for the game the next day! I haven’t had a chance to check their results, but I’m pretty sure they’ll have dominated the field with our hot pork baps in their bellies.
After that weekend I felt the team needed a treat, so I took them to my favourite pub down by the docks (I won’t tell you which one, because I don’t want you to nick my place at the bar) for a couple of relaxing pints to congratulate us all on a good run with over 900 people fed in 3 days. That was only the beginning though, because with the end of October comes one of our busiest weekends of the year. With Halloween and Bonfire Night falling across the weekend we have a full 10 days of late autumn parties gearing us up for the festive season. Last night’s Halloween party was a blast, with 150 costumed revellers terrifying all and sundry in a spacious back garden just outside the town. I can tell you, I was scared to serve some them! There was one vampire in particular who looked like he was more interested in taking a bite out of one of the staff members than the tasty hot pork bap we served up for him. We have another Halloween event on Friday and then three separate bonfire nights to cater on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so it looks like come next week I might be standing more pints for my crew to say thanks for a hard weekends labour. It’s not just the fun and games of the parties, watching the fireworks and warming our hands at the bonfire – we have to clean and transport all the kit between each one, and get down to the butchers’ early for our hogs, so spare a thought for us when you’re wrapped up warm in bed with your tea and your paper at the weekend because me and the team at Hog Roast Hire Kemble will be out and about preparing the equipment for some hot hog-roasting action. You wouldn’t believe how much tasty tender pork we’re going to shift over the next 10 days – if there’s one thing I’ve learnt since I got into this business, it’s that the people of Kemble love a good juicy hot pork sandwich with all the trimmings. Anyway, I’m going to sign off there, so look out for us around town at civic events, work functions and your friends’ parties. If you see our stall, come and get your hog roast Kemble!

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