The Red Lion Catering

Today we were in Arlingham. It’s a village – near the River Severn. It’s got a church and a pub, The Red Lion, in The Cross (the centre of the village). That’s why I love being a hog roast caterer; you get to travel a lot. I’d never been in Arlingham before. It’s a very pretty village and it makes a lovely change to be in the countryside.
First of all we delivered a hog roast machine to a birthday party; the customers were hiring the machine for two hours. It was the wife’s birthday and they were having friends for dinner instead of going out to a restaurant as they usually did; they wanted it to be extra special. The customers were providing the hog roast itself while we were hiring out the machine. We dropped the machine off and ensured it was working properly. I showed the customers how to operate it. Two hours later we went back to pick it up, and were told that the party had gone perfectly and everyone had enjoyed the hog roast Arlingham. That always makes me feel pleased. After putting the machine in the van, we walked around Arlingham for a little while. Soon it was time for our second job of the day: to provide a full catering service for an office party.
We decorated the room with balloons in the company’s colours and then we put out the serviettes and condiments. The roast was put on the spit and it began to turn, filling the air with the roasted scent of hog meat and apple sauce. When the guests arrived they kept looking at the roast. A couple of them remarked that it was the first time they’d actually seen a hog roast before.
After a couple of speeches from senior company staff and a starter, it was time for my favourite part, the carving of the roast. When the knife bites into the flesh, the juices seep out and it looks delicious…I always get that feeling of ‘I wish I could eat this!’ The roast was served and everyone was obviously enjoying it. We also served bread rolls. I enjoy waiting on people too. Some of the diners told me the roast was really good, which is what I always like to hear. Can’t hear it enough, in fact.
Afterwards, when all the guests had left, we cleared up, stopped in at the Red Lion and then drove back home. Today was another good day.

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