Make Your Barbecue Sizzle This Spring With Hog Roast Bournemouth’s Top Tips

Hog Roast BournemouthWith the warmer weather you may wish to take your events outside. And when it comes to outdoor dining there is no finer sight in British cooking than the British barbecue. A joy of outdoor dining, nothing beats a good ol’ BBQ – it is one that we certainly love at Hog Roast Bournemouth! Perhaps you may wish to call in the pros at Hog Roast Bournemouth for your barbecue. Our unique gourmet barbecue range avoids all the pitfalls of the classic British barbecue and allows you to just enjoy the great dishes without any of the hassle, but if you want to go it alone then at least allow our team of experienced chefs offer a couple of tips to really make your barbecue sizzle!

First is the quality of meats. We know what it is like on the sunny days when everyone has raided the local supermarket for all the good burgers and sausages, but if you plan ahead and make your own you’ll not only ensure you have the foods available, you’ll also have a far better dish too. Local ground meats from butchers are excellent for shaping into your own homemade burgers, and you can season how you want too for more texture. Your butchers’ sausages are also going to be far better too, and if you wish the Hog Roast Bournemouth can also offer a few sourcing secrets the next time you are at one of our events.

Hog Roast BournemouthAn important piece of barbecue dining that is often missed is the presentation, and here is where a bit of freshness and colour is really going to make your barbecue burn hot from the crowd. A vibrant barbecue range makes your foods pop, so having a homemade slaw or fresh salads is vital, and perhaps some nice freshly made veg skewers too. A good ol’ roll and sausage barbecue is of course great, but adding those sides will help bring the whole thing up a level and impress your guests!

The final tip is to have fun! Part of barbecuing is the joy of being in the sun and enjoying a good cookout with friends, so get sunbathing while you enjoy your foods!