The answer to every Christmas question.

Christmas is, at the heart of it all, a time for family, and I feel personally blessed on that account because I’ve got two families – one at home, and another one here at hog roast Guiting. And over this season, there’s not a single moment I don’t spend having an excellent time with one or the other. I don’t normally do the Christmas cooking because I’m doing big roasts pretty much every other day of the year and my wife likes to have a go once in a while, so whether it’s being exceedingly well fed at home or spending my time serving up excellent Christmas meals to other people, I’m surrounded by people I love and amazing food – all in all, I consider myself pretty lucky. Hog roast hire Guiting is a great place to be around Christmas time, because it’s really easy to get into the festive spirit – everyone we see is in the mood to party and work off the stresses of the season, and especially with the weather we’ve been having recently there’s nothing like a nice slab of Christmas turkey or one of our famous hot pork rolls to warm people and get them feeling good. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting up close to one of our spits on an overcast day – you can feel the fierce heat coming off them. And knowing that you’re about to sample what’s cooking on the machine doesn’t hurt either. Real soul food, good for the heart and good for the mind. And if someone’s serving Spitting Pig, you know that at least one person has really made the effort make sure that you have a great Christmas – they wouldn’t have got in touch with us otherwise! If you’re planning a party yourself and you really want to treat your guests – give them the ultimate Christmas gift – then get on the phone to us and arrange to have hog roast hire Guiting do the catering. I can guarantee it’ll be a Christmas party they won’t forget in a hurry. The feasts we serve up really stick in the mind – so if you want to make sure you’re top of everybody’s Christmas present lists next year, you know who to call! Hog roast Guiting is the answer to every Christmas question.

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