The Dark Knight Rises – Hog roast event

The weekend just gone I had a really good time along with Rebecca and Tom, even more so than usual, catering for one of Spitting Pigs many hog roast clients. Reason being? We were catering for an event that was new to all three of us, and everybody else at the company i’d guess, which takes some doing believe me. The event was for some sort of comic book club and going off the costumes it was something to do with the new Batman release. How hog roasts tie into a themed comic/Batman event I really don’t know, but if the people in Gloucester want a hog roast then that’s what they get, no questions asked!

The menu for the event wasn’t quite as colourful and flamboyant as the event or some of the costumes on display but it more than made up for it in traditional Spitting Pig quality. The selected menu was our Private Party menu 3, specifically they chose the free range chicken, spit roasted and served with a stuffing and home made onion gravy, which I made myself fresh. The spit roast chicken came with bread rolls, fresh of course, and a big choice of condiments and sauces to cater for every bodies preferences.
To really finish the menu there were a choice of 2 salads which guests got to choose between and warm new potatoes in herb butter. My catering assistant Roger prepared the sides and carved the roast chickens. The reaction is what it always is, positive, full of compliments and all round visible enjoyment from guests who you’d think haven’t ate in weeks from the way they go through our spit roasts.

We were trying out a new machine for the event too, the first time we’ve used the machine at an actual event after getting in lots of practice back at base. The results were nothing short of amazing with the new machine, the meat was perfectly tender; it cut beautifully and ticked all the right boxes for an amazing hog roast and chicken roast. I’d have to say it was one of the most impressive hog roasts I’ve made and I can’t imagine it’ll be long until we’re using our new machine model at every event possible seeing how awesome it is.

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday and I imagine this week will feel a bit dull considering it’s not everyday you get to cater for 50 men in comic book costumes, but it brought home how much I enjoy my job and just how entertaining and peculiar it can be at times being a hog roast chef! Just when you think you’re getting a bit used to catering for parties and weddings out of left field comes some quirky event that you never saw coming.

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