Mouth Watering Meats


I had a cracking time hog roasting over the weekend and so did the people i cooked for with the scrumptious, make-your-mouth-water crackling i made them

This weekend was just another ordinary day for a Spitting Pig chef – ordinary for me because I get the benefit of spit roasting sometimes 7 days a week for my job, but it was anything but ordinary for the guests of the two party events that I catered for, the mammoth portions of spit roast beef and turkey went down a real treat with everyone and the response to my hog roast work was proof enough of their approval.

The guests didn’t miss a beat and at both events once the parties started it was all eyes on me. I was lined up in perfect sight so that people could keep their eyes on the spit roast progress and they most certainly did. With keen anticipation people routinely looked over to gauge the progress of the roast beef and turkey, but they were only torturing themselves needlessly because, unfortunately, salivating over a spit roast doesn’t make it cook any quicker! But when it was ready at serving time it just meant that the few hours of anticipation made the taste all the more savoured and enjoyable for each of the guests.

The portions of meat put with fresh baked rolls of bread proved once again to be a winning combination. Not a surprise to me, spending all day, almost every day, spit roasting meats for Spitting Pig means that I already know of the splendid and succulent pleasures of a pig roast or snack roast sandwich so i was confident as always leading into the weekend. I also prepared some sausages and burgers on Sunday for anybody who didn’t want a pig roast roll and they were surprisingly popular, especially for the children guests.

The meat dripped with so much goodness, you really couldn’t imagine the overwhelmingly pleasurable spit roast meat taste unless you were there with a pig roll in one hand and a beer in your other. But you’

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