Wedding Dining In The Sun With Hog Roast Cheltenham

When the weather hits near record highs on your special day then that surely must be a sign of an excellent marriage to come, but it also means a sign to try and alter plans and take your dining outdoors!

At Hog Roast Cheltenham we are well used to adapting on the fly at events. As an event caterer you always have to be ready for anything and be able to respond in kind. With the heatwave this past week there was always likely to be the chance of a little bit of disruption at events, as extreme weather has to be catered for (excuse the pun) and managed in the interest of guest experience and safety.

Hog Roast CheltenhamOne example of such on the fly adapting was seen with one of our Hog Roast Cheltenham teams catering a wedding towards the end of the week when the weather was at its warmest across the country. Held out of a secluded hotel with lovely garden grounds, the bride and groom were worried that it was going to get too hot to have the reception out of the dining room. Fortunately the dining rooms windows could be opened up to create an exit out into the garden grounds, and so quick plans were made via the Hog Roast Cheltenham caterers and the hotel’s staff to allow guests to filter out into the gardens if they so choose where our Hog Roast Cheltenham chef team could be set up under a marquee tent to be able to continue to cook and serve canapés for the reception. This proved to be a great idea as guests got to enjoy a bit of sun, a bit of fizz, and plenty of great canapés rotated around the grounds by our serving team.

Thankfully come time for the actual dinner it had cooled enough to still host the dinner indoors at tables (the windows stayed open for more air too). The rest of the event proceeded as planned, but it was the quick adapting for the reception and canapés that our bride and groom really praised our Hog Roast Cheltenham team for as it brought a lot to the day and alleviated a lot of stress for them.

That’s just what a great caterer does for any event!