Wedding enquiries and a very late Christmas parties in Kingswood

It was great to be back at work today. We’ve started attending quite a few local wedding fare’s so enquiries are rolling in thick and fast.  Over the weekend, we are attending one at one of our venues in Kingswood where we provided a lamb roast for guests and exhibiters alike. It went down a treat with one of our head chefs creating canapés using the lamb that was slowly roasting for everyone to see.  It look so good that three couples book Kingswood lamb roasts for their evening receptions and many more have requested quotations form spit roasted lamb as their wedding breakfast. This means that today I will be really busy getting back to everyone I spoke to.

After spending all day yesterday getting back to people with bespoke wedding menus, I managed to get two confirmed bookings for wedding s this summer. There is One in July and another in August. One of the Weddings is for a Lamb Roast, the other for a Whole Spit Roasted Salmon. We don’t sell many of the salmons but they really do look spectacular especially if you are a fish lover like me. Works out well with vegetarians too as many of them tend to eat fish.  We also had a call from our venue in Kingswood, thanking us for the spectacular lamb roast. It would seem that they were inundated with good feedback – mainly due to the hog roast Kingswood.

I have meetings booked all day today. We always think it is important to meet our clients first before the big day. This way we can run through the schedules, tweak the menu if necessary and make sure the timings are spot on. This way they can relax in the knowledge that everything is under control on the day. I also have two tasters. Although we can’t offer a hog roast at a taster session, we can offer canapés and desserts. This way clients or potential clients can get a taste of what we can offer. Our chefs are, after all, fully qualified and trained to the highest levels.

We have a big Christmas Party on today. It was cancelled in December because of the bad weather but they promised to rebook and they did! It is spit roasted turkey all round with homemade gravy and pigs in blankets – my favourite.

It’s hectic in the office today. It always is after a big event. Enquiries are flying in for the summer. We are already full booked for most of July and August. We have introduced a couple of new Kingswood BBQ menus booked in too and these seem to be selling like hot cakes. I will put aside the afternoon to concentrate on booking confirmations and schedule completions but for the time being I had better concentrate on getting back to these people. One lady is after a hog roast for 1,000 people in June. That job will be fun and we also do a lot of work for Tesco and I know they have a new store opening soon so that too will be a big one!

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