A Sombre Affair

We had a bit of a sombre affair at the weekend we were asked to cater for a funeral for a very dear friend of ours a supplier who has served us well for the past ten years of our glorious meat and we were really saddened by his passing. The gentleman had supplied us with meat from the start of our business and he had been like one of the family we thought it only fitting that we did the catering for his wake. We made a buffet and the gentleman had a great turn out such a sad day but it was nice to say good-bye personally. Monday we were out and about at a birthday celebration for a young lady turning 18 the girl had also just returned from graduating at university she graduated with flying colours so it was a double celebration! Hog roast had the freshest plumpest pig and brought some ducks with us too, we placed the meat on the machines and started to chat with the girl she was really interested in hog roasting and said that she wanted to have a career in the catering field so we had a good chat with her and gave her a good insight into the highs and lows of the catering world. We made a sit down lunch pork, butter potatoes, peas and gravy a wonderful apple sauce it was a really nice day and it was so nice to be working on a weekday as to be honest most of our work happens on a weekend. This week we have been putting most of our energy into updating our website and adding lots of new pictures of our venues we have catered for just recently. We also added a new menu page and checked on our emails, which we do every day, each and every email we receive is answered promptly. We also wrote a nice piece on our website about the departing of our dear friend our loyal meat supplier telling everyone what a nice chap he was and how much he will be missed by the local community he will always hold a special place in our hearts…

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