Happier times for Drybrook

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Drybrook blog. We hope that you are all having a great month and of course enjoying some of the long awaited warm weather that we should be getting at this time of year. After months of cloudy and dreary weather here in the Drybrook it is a about time that we were treated to some warmth and sunshine and that’s what we got! And when the sun comes out, it seems that everything changes and it has certainly meant that booking s for hog roast Drybrook caterers have been on the up and up. It seems that a few rays of sunshine is all it takes for people to start barbecuing and thinking of holding a bit of an outdoor ‘do’, and that applies even more so to pubs who are looking to draw in the crowds after a miserable spring. We have been busy taking lots of bookings for events just like this and we are sure that as the summer progresses (and hopefully gets even warmer) we will see even more in the way of bookings for hog roast south west events being made.
You may recall that last month we reported on the sad news of the death of one of our former suppliers but this month sees much happier news with many weddings lined up for the gourmet hog roast treatment. We know that many of our caterers absolutely adore cooking gourmet hog roast at weddings as it gives them a chance to basically show off their cooking and serving skills in a way that hog roast rolls don’t really allow. We have had so many glowing reports from couples who have booked us in the past for gourmet hog roast for their special day and we feel that they must be spreading the word as we have a really full diary when it comes to summer wedding and civil partnership bookings. If you know someone planning ahead for their big day then do mention hog roast. We will be delighted to help them with any queries.
Here’s hoping to continued sunshine and even sunnier July 2013 in Drybrook.

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