August nearing to an end

August nearing to an end and we have had such a good summer and still more sunshine to come! We have been all over the country these past few months and met some wonderful people and had the best time! Hog Roast catered for a shop In our village on Saturday the lady who owns the craft and gift shop was retiring after an amazing fifty years working in the shop she was passing the reins to her granddaughter who was taking the business over so the family wanted to throw the lady a retirement do as well as a welcoming for the granddaughter. We arrived out side the shop really early and we set up our marquee on the piece of land that was conveniently near we then set to work on cooking the pig as it can take several hours to cook the pig it is always best to get cooking nice and early, we soon had the meat and all the salad and dressings prepared and then the lady and the granddaughter arrived and soon we had a street full of people! The lady said a very nice speech as did the granddaughter to a captivated audience and then it was time to eat! We were soon serving pork sandwiches with crackling and applesauce with lashings of salads and jacket potatoes too. Everyone id have fun and the food was such a hit Hog Roast Hire were really surprised at how fast the food went but that really is the biggest compliment we could receive. After we finished serving we cleaned the machines and packed all the machinery back into the van and we couldn’t resist a little peek in the shop we had to be honest passed the gift shop several times on our travels but never actually gone inside and we must say what a quaint wonderful shop full of little nice knacks and we couldn’t resist buying a few! As we headed home we were really happy as it has just a five minute drive compared to the normal two hours a really nice change we thought..

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