Lower Slaughter Caterers

We have been catering for the past twenty years and we love being hog roasters it wasn’t easy in the early years and people were a little dubious as they were back then to anything new now a days people always want to try out new things we have a great client base with regulars coming back to us time and time again and our staff are all original from the start so we do fell like one big happy family! Hog roasting is in us well we do believe that to be true. We were catering for a large Lower Slaughter corporate event for a new business drumming up clients and the event was for catering for five hundred we love corporate events and were asked to make some pork sandwiches with mustard and apple sauce and some chicken sandwiches with stuffing with some side salad and dips and we decided to make some dicey nice potato cubes! A little favourite of hog roast hire we chop the potatoes into cubes doust them in a little olive oil and smothered with spices and covered in a yoghurt dressing how wonderful the guests started to arrive and looked so important in their suits and ties and you could really sense the tension in the air that was until they got their eyes on the pig and started to chuckle amongst them selves and it really did break the ice and gave the room such a nice relaxed atmosphere. The meeting took place in the huge boardroom and the guests emerged for the food and all started to chat the gentleman who booked us said we helped save the day! He said the clients were hard to crack and the pig certainly put them in a good mood and helped them put signatures on dotted lines! Another job for us done well and we are really looking forward to the 21st year in business this year and we are going to host a huge Lower Slaughter party to celebrate and pull out all the stops and we want you all to know you are all invited…

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