Avon Valley Country Park Hog Roast, Keynsham!

We catered at Avon Valley Country Park last weekend for a Hog Roast Keynsham wedding. We were excited for this as the Bride and Groom were lovely and had mentioned there was a play area (we had to stop ourselves!) We left to head towards the venue, 50 miles away and it started snowing! We arrived to set up inside the barn and set up all of the accompaniments alongside of the juicy succulent Hog Roast in Keynsham – the accompaniments were Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, Spring Green Leaf Salad, Homemade Gourmet Coleslaw and Herb Dressed New Potatoes. The Chef was outside under the gazebo (hiding from the snow!) whilst we started serving inside… the guests really enjoyed it all and the Bride and Groom mentioned and thanked us in their speech! It was so magical with the snow and such a wonderful couple with lovely guests!