Royal British Legion Hog Roast, Hardwicke.

Last weekend we catered at the Royal British Legion in Hardwicke. The weather wasn’t too appealing but the team are not to be stopped by the rain! We arrived to set up the pig machine under the gazebo. We were supplying a spit roasted pig accompanied with tomato and mozzarella salad, spring green leaf salad, home-made gourmet coleslaw and herb dressed new potatoes. We had so many compliments regarding the hog roast in Hardwicke and one lady commented how she’d been to a couple of events with a hog roast this year and we supplied, by far the best! How amazing! Before we served, a band played – there were so good and all the team loved it – the weather couldn’t stop us nor the guests! Such a jolly evening and we look forward to catering more hog roast Hardwicke events in the near future.