Celebrate your wedding anniversary in the best way with Hog Roast Hartpury

Wedding anniversaries are an annual reminder of the love and commitment shared between you and your partner. Some couples choose for this occasion to be intimate and private, exchanging cards and gifts privately. For others, your anniversary is a great cause for celebration and one that should be spent enjoying delicious food and great drinks with excellent company! However you choose to celebrate, Hog Roast Hartpury have the perfect menu for you.

Julie and Nick are far from a traditional couple, so it was no surprise for their family and friends that they wanted t host a non-traditional 30th wedding anniversary. Instead of hosting a formal event, the couple opted for a themed party, with their guests dressing up as a celebrity from the 90s. This was the perfect ice-breaker for the party and was lots of fun for guests of all ages, including youngsters who weren’t around in this era! There was also a great disco and retro party games for the guests to take part in. Alongside the 90s theme, Hog Roast Hartpury was asked to provide some delicious party catering, featuring our slow-roasted pig menu.

Hog Roast HartpuryOur slow-roasted pig menu is a delicious option for any event. Despite being a simplistic option, it is well-loved by guests of all ages, since it is so packed full of flavour. The hog is slow-roasted to perfection during the course of the day, locking in all of the natural juices and flavours. The meat was served with a selection of fresh bread rolls and wraps, including gluten-free options. We also served some delicious accompaniments, including homemade applesauce, crispy crackling and sage and onion stuffing. Overall this is a perfect lunchtime or evening meal that always goes down a treat at parties!

Whether you want to enjoy a quiet night in or host a bold celebration, Hog Roast Hartpury have a catering style that suits you. With over 7 different menus, we have something that is perfect for every occasion. To book your catering today, simply let us know your party size, date, and location and we can begin to plan your perfect menu.