Hog Roast Coleford Helping You Plan The Menu Of Your Dreams

Our Hog Roast Coleford professionals are often asked for help with planning a customer’s menu and it’s no trouble at all. After many years of doing so, we’re a dab hand at it, as well as with preparing, cooking and serving delicious food made out of fresh, quality ingredients, and local too where possible, like the meat that we source from trusted nearby suppliers. It’s not just superior pigs that we source, either, as we often make alternatives too, for those who prefer spit-roast or barbecued meat, for example, as we provide so much choice and variety that you won’t believe your eyes.

If you fancy one of our amazing hog roast centrepieces, a great theatrical affair that we’ve perfected over the years, we can make heaps of yummy pigs in buns or serve as part of a plated meal together with your choice of potatoes, seasonal vegetables and our homemade trimmings of apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing and onion gravy. Nevertheless, if you’d rather feature whole spit-roasted chickens or turkeys or spit roast lamb or beef, we can easily do that for you instead, or we can whip up a traditional barbecue with all your favourites.

Hog Roast Coleford We also have a selection of standalone menus, including our highly popular Hog Roast Coleford Southern Slow Roast and Loaded Fries, as well as our newly-added Alfresco, and each of these will certainly wow the people you’re inviting with something altogether different. With our Southern Slow Roast, you select three marinated meats to be slow-roasted for hours on the day and served together with your choice of four sides (either hot or cold or a combination of both), while our Loaded Fries are smothered in meat, slaw and cheese and our Alfresco gives you three courses of antipasti platters, a hog roast and then desserts.

Whatever occasion you’re planning, our expert chefs and catering assistants work hard to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy our food, so if you also need options for special diets, just say the word. Plus with a great array of additional courses to choose from, including canap├ęs, starters, sides and puddings, Hog Roast Coleford can help you to plan the menu of your dreams.