Can you just cook the pig alongside other food?

Providing other foods to go alongside hog roast is actually a very sensible idea. Whilst we and most other people love the incredible flavour of hog roast, it is not for everyone. It may be that some of your guests cannot eat pig for reasons of religion or they may simply not be big fans of the taste of hog roast, so having an alternative on the menu makes perfect sense. The hog roast caterer can often cook an alternative meat alongside the pig with no problems at all.

Of course, hog roast is one of those foods that is incredibly versatile and adaptable. This means that you can sometimes think outside the box a little when planning your event and not feel too restricted by the fact that you have a hog roast cooking away. If you are bringing in a hog roast caterer, it could be a very good idea to speak to him or her and explain that in addition to the hog roast, other food is being laid on. They may have some suggestions about what you could do with some of the extra hog roast meat. For instance some people may not really fancy hog roast roils but might like to eat some hog roast meat that has been shredded with their salad. This can help to give it a whole new texture and taste and could be something that some of your guests would like.

Talking of salad, hog roast goes very nicely with salad as it is, but could also go really nicely with some fragrant rice. A nice contrast in flavours certainly. One thing that you always need to remember with regard to hog roast is that this is not an unusual meat at all. Hog roast ‘the meal’ is not something you have every day but this is still pig and as such it will be in effect a quite familiar taste in some respects, although certainly not as tasty as this.

Hog roast has proved itself as meat for any occasion time and again so it is no surprise to see how it could work alongside other foods. Everybody is no doubt familiar from the occasional hog roast in Gloucester how tasty those hog roast rolls can be but a hog roast gourmet meal is another matter entirely. This sees the meat accompanied by potatoes and vegetables, just going to show that this is a meat that can go with anything.

Many of the children at parties and functions won’t entertain salads and unusual rices but they will love the inevitable bowls of chips that are sometimes served, and hog roast will go with chips as well as anything else. I have never tried hog roast with pasta but I am sure that it will probably make quite a tasty combination. Hog roast rolls and a bowl of soup sounds like another good combination or maybe hog roast meat in tortilla wraps is something that could catch on? In short, there is probably nothing that won’t work alongside hog roast, so don’t worry.