Good afternnon! a quick update whilst we’re quiet.

Good Afternoon from the Spitting Pig South West Team!

We’ve been inundated with wedding requests this month and have catered for at least two weddings per week, although things may now start to slow down, bookings are still coming in thick and fast.

This weekend we are catering for a wedding in the area, such guests as the Olympic medallists will be attending with their prize gold possessions! The couple have chosen a Wedding Menu (6), an excellent choice may I add. Providing them with the choice of five canopies, served by our professional waiter service. Following the canopies the guests have a choice of two main courses previously chosen by the hosts. And finally, the choice of either chocolate torte or Lemon Tart.

Whens the Guests have finished their Meal, the couple’s wedding cake will be presented on a plate dressed with ripe berries, a coulis of summer fruits and fresh cream. Included in the Wedding Menu (6) is our Evening Buffet which consists of Hot Bacon & sausage barms served with a selection of sauces and jacket wedges. The chef will cook these and lay them on a serving table for guests to serve themselves.

As winter draws in we have bookings for both Halloween and Christmas, we expect the spit roasted turkey menu to increase in popularity from now onwards. The turkeys are roasted whole over flames, this way the meat is moist and delicious, served with fresh cranberry sauce and homemade sage & onion stuffing. This is During Halloween we are particularly busy because we will be supplying food for all those attending the famous “Fright Night” events at one of our venues.

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