Hog Roast Chagford’s Comic Con Adventure

Hog Roast ChagfordComic book enthusiasts from every corner of the country gathered here in the South West for the ultimate celebration of all things comic book. Hosted by a passionate group of devoted fans, this spectacular event marked the final comic con event of 2023, which made attending a must for hard-core members of the comic con community.

The event promised to be an immersive experience with stalls featuring merchandise, handmade goods, awe-inspiring artwork, and, naturally, a treasure trove of comics. Attendees, numbering a staggering 350, brought their favourite characters to life, transforming the convention into a living, breathing comic book universe.

Among the real-life superheroes, ensuring no attendee went hungry, was Hog Roast Chagford’s dedicated team of catering staff, armed with our Southern Slow Roast Menu. This American-esque banquet of hearty and wholesome food is popular for a reason, and as the aromas of Texan-style beef brisket, Cajun-spiced whole roast chicken, and Louisiana sticky pork ribs wafted through the air, everyone realised why.

This flavour-rich feast provided a mouth-watering backdrop to the day’s adventures. The diversity of the menu matched the eclectic array of cosplayers and ensured a variety that satisfied the tastes of every superhero and supervillain in attendance.

Throughout this event, Hog Roast Chagford’s dedicated team worked tirelessly to keep the energy high and the queues short, striving to ensure that no one had to wait too long for a taste of our delectable offerings..

Hog Roast ChagfordComplementing this enticing spread of well-seasoned meats, Hog Roast Chagford presented rich and creamy mac and cheese, mixed sweet potato and regular fries, and corn cobbettes dripping with melting butter. For our vegan attendees, we proudly served BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls, a flavourful alternative that garnered its own share of applause.

The response to our food was nothing short of a comic book-worthy triumph. Attendees showered our team with compliments throughout the day, expressing their gratitude for the delicious fuel that powered their adventures.

Hog Roast Chagford gladly stood as a crucial part of this Comic Con event, proving that even in a world of superheroes and fantasy, a fantastic feast is a universal delight that brings people together.