Hog Roast Tuffley Offering So Much More Than Just Hog Roasts

Hog Roast Tuffley is asked to cater many different kinds of parties and events, both formal and informal, and with varying numbers of guests. Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, your wedding day or corporate function (or anything in-between), regardless of whether it’s a posh do or a casual get-together, and whether you’re inviting hundreds of guests or a few close people, our catering will do the trick.

Hog Roast TuffleyWhen it comes to the food that we prepare fresh, cook and serve on the day of your special occasion, it’s not just about our amazing hog roasts, though they are a sight for sore eyes, create wonderful aromas and taste out of this world. We also understand that catering is about fulfilling wants and needs and that’s why we’ve spent a long time perfecting our menus to include various alternative and additional dishes too.

One of our Hog Roast Tuffley speciality menus may be the best choice you make for you and your guests, like our new loaded fries, or a winter warmer with meat, potatoes and veg, or three marinated meats and four sides with our Southern Slow Roast. You may instead prefer a barbecue of burgers and sausages or spit-roasted meat to be cooked, like beef, lamb, turkey or chicken, or even something a bit more exotic. There is plenty of choice for meat-eaters with these menus but we also offer options to suit your guests with dietary needs, like vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free dishes, and we have all kinds of supplemental dishes if you need too, like starters, desserts, sides and canap├ęs. Whatever your wants and whatever your guests’ needs, we will always work hard to fulfil them.

When Hog Roast Tuffley catered Tariq’s birthday party yesterday evening, it was with piles and piles of our mouthwatering pigs in buns, as well as sweet potato wedges and coleslaw. Once the meat had been prepared, it sizzled away for hours on end until we had mountains of salty crackling and pork slivers, which we crammed into soft bread rolls and topped with our own homemade apple sauce and stuffing. Tariq said he was very impressed and by the end of service, with the pigs in buns and sides all completely devoured, we knew his guests were too.