Pigs In Buns For An Informal Hog Roast Elmore Back Wedding

Whether you’re looking for caterers for a private party or for corporate hospitality, Hog Roast Elmore Back is a sensible choice that will appeal to all of your guests and that’s because we work hard to ensure that everyone invited is included. What this means in terms of our food is that we offer so much choice and variety because we want everyone to be able to enjoy our delicious dishes, and that’s regardless of diet, personal preferences or appetite.

Hog Roast Elmore BackIf you’re thinking of having the main feature of a traditional centrepiece hog roast to wow your guests, we can easily do that in order to either make our amazing pigs in buns or a plated main; after all, it’s part of our name and our speciality that our Hog Roast Elmore Back experts have perfected over a very long time. Nevertheless, we also understand the need to often provide much more, so you could enjoy spit-roasted meat instead of (or indeed as well as) a hog roast, like piles of chickens or turkeys or a hunk of lamb or beef.

Perhaps one of our special menus will be just the ticket instead, like our Southern Slow Roast or Loaded Fries, or you may prefer a multi-course menu including a starter, main and dessert or you might want to add a vegetarian main. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen, as well as great choice and variety that you’ll find in our extensive menus.

For an informal wedding reception that Hog Roast Elmore Back catered on Saturday, we were asked to roast a hog in order to make our famous pigs in buns, which is where we add fresh, hot, tender meat and crispy, salty crackling to wraps and bread rolls, then top with our own-recipe apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, before handing over to guests to add condiments if preferred. With this super simple but exceedingly mouthwatering menu, our hard-working team filled the bellies of over forty guests, and by the end of service, it was clear that they’d been a big hit, as there was absolutely nothing left.