Simply Chicken – Made Exciting With Hog Roast Chippenham

Hog Roast Chippenham understands that chicken is a popular meat in the UK, if not the most popular option. Due to this, Hog Roast Chippenham has included chicken as an option in many of their menu’s and of course, can provide chicken as an addition on a menu if required. Despite being hog roast specialists, Hog Roast Chippenham are pretty awesome at serving up some flavour-filled and juicy chicken dishes.

Canapés – these small appetisers can be enjoyed at a party when people arrive or at a wedding to accompany the reception drinks. One popular canapé option is chicken skewers. Hog Roast Chippenham provides a selection of three chicken skewers all with different marinades. One is marinated in tikka seasoning; another is marinated with sweet chilli seasoning and the third is marinated in satay seasoning. All super scrumptious.

hog roast ChippenhamWhole Roasted Chickens – on Hog Roast Chippenham’s wedding menu’s whole roasted chickens is a main course option. They are cooked on a rotisserie on low heat guaranteeing moisture and marinated in simple seasonings. The whole chickens are served with butcher chipolata sausages and stuffing.

Southern Slow Roast – in this fantastic flavour-filled menu, chicken is dusted in Cajun spice giving your tastebuds a slight kick. A popular option always enjoyed by guests. They juices rise as the chicken is slowly roasted creating a Cajun flavoured stock that Hog Roast Chippenham leaves in the tray to maintain the moisture in the breasts, creating a juicy chicken roll!

BBQ – Hog Roast Chippenham’s BBQ is no ordinary, mundane BBQ, it includes chicken skewers amongst other exciting additions. The chicken skewers are marinated in zesty spices such as lemon and accompanied with vegetables such as chopped bell peppers creating chunky and colourful kebabs.

All the chicken options are exceedingly tasty so whatever menu you choose to have it on, you’re in for a treat. In the past, some have added chicken nuggets on to their menus as an option for children, these always go down well, especially with chips!